Money makes the world go ‘around, and it’s what helps your business grow. Our lines of credit provide you what you need when you need it. Here are five ways that clients see success with us.

  1. Payroll is covered – You have enough to worry about without having to wonder if the government is going to pay on time so you can take care of your staff. Our lines of credit have your back by providing funding same day, as well as lending up to 90% on billed invoices and 65% on work in process, providing plenty of room to cover your payroll costs and more.
  2. Receive a letter of financial capability – It’s hard enough being a small business in government contracting. It’s even harder when you’re just starting or when you’re in transition, because the federal government may not consider you capable of delivering on a contract. Our letters of financial capability can help you win more work by demonstrating you have the support of a financial partner.
  3. Use our line of credit to bid on larger contracts – With the financial support of our multimillion-dollar lines of credit, you can bid confidently on new, larger work that otherwise may not have not been possible without a line of credit to support the costs.
  4. Invest in new or improved staff and sub-contractors – Our lines of credit can be used to hire new staff for current contracts, replace low performing staff, hire more expensive more qualified staff, and keep top talent on the team so you can bid confidently for larger projects.
  5. Lower your cost of capital and reduce stress – With Parabilis, you’ll pay a transparent price for our line of credit. You no longer have to spend valuable time and effort figuring out complicated formulas, being worried about hidden interest and fees, and paying more without knowing it.

Are you worried about these five areas or any other financial portion of your business? Contact us today to solve it as quickly, transparently, and flexibly as possible!



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