America’s most important 21st century military challenge may be in weapons and communications technology. Our CEO wrote about it earlier this year for Defense News’ sister site C4ISRNET, and we are proud to support solutions to that challenge through one of our service-disabled, HUBZone-qualified clients


This client came to us in May with a common dilemma: it won a large contract award that its bank was not willing to support because the company is still young. The CEO needed $600,000 quickly to support the new contract and the company’s overall fast growth in the geospatial intelligence space.


By doubling the company’s credit ceiling, Parabilis doubled the company’s cash flow so that it could hire the clearance-required, highly-skilled employees necessary to service the contract. This allowed the CEO and staff to provide their unique contributions to the Department of Defense’s technology research, development, and execution.


We project that Parabilis’ support will help the company achieve 15 percent revenue growth this year – from about three million dollars to about $3.5 million. We’re also proud that supporting this client will:

·         Make America safer now and in the future.

·         Help a veteran-owned small business scale.

·         Bring highly-paid jobs to an underdeveloped HUBZone.


Parabilis was founded by and for small business government contractors. Our team is built to help you overcome challenges unique to the industry – such as cash flow designed to help you achieve significant scaling in a short period of time. That’s what we did for this client, and we can do it for you. Contact us today to see how we can help you secure and execute contracts, grow your company, and accomplish your goals.



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