Our Product

The Parabilis Line of Credit

Lines from  $50,000 – $5,000,000+

Borrow against any of the following at any time and all at once:


Billed Invoices

Up to 90%

You are not selling invoices to Parabilis, you are borrowing against your prime and sub-contract invoices that have been billed.

Work in progress

Up to 65%

You are eligible to borrow against work that has been completed but not yet billed, further increasing access to capital.

Delivery Orders

Up to 30%

You can also borrow against delivery orders from the government to purchase physical goods in support of a contract or to fulfill an order.

For Government Contractors, by Government Contractors

The Parabilis Line of Credit was designed to support the specific funding needs of government contractors.

Borrow only what you need

Since you are not selling entire invoices to us, you have the flexibility to borrow only what is needed to cover your costs and nothing more. This keeps your cost of capital significantly lower than factoring or other alternatives. 


Borrow throughout the month

Borrow as often as needed throughout the month as your collateral increases. This provides greater access to capital to fund your working capital needs.


Support when you need it

As you win new contracts or add incremental headcount, Parabilis will increase your line of credit ceiling within a matter of days to ensure you always have the support you need.


Fund contract start up costs

If you need additional support at the beginning of a contract, we can provide mobilization loans in addition to your line of credit.

Our Pricing

Straightforward pricing without complicated formulas or hidden fees. At Parabilis, we believe you deserve a more transparent lending experience to scale your business.


Interest Rate

We charge a fixed interest rate on funds outstanding only. When your balance reaches $0, we remit any additional payments directly to you.

Annual Commitment Fee

We charge a commitment fee at the beginning of your annual agreement with Parabilis. The fee is a small percentage of your line of credit ceiling.