Joe Aguero is a Client Advisor with Parabilis and our on-staff Excel Ninja. He holds an accounting/business analytics degree from George Mason University and uses these skills to work closely with clients as well as executive leadership to manage a growing portion of Parabilis’ lending portfolio. Joe also develops and leads Parabilis’ financial modeling for prospects and clients.  

Joe came to Parabilis in 2019 after stints with a global law firm and a merchant cash advance company. With the law firm, Joe learned how to record, audit, and reconcile financial information coming in from all over the world – and was recognized within the company for streamlining  audit and reconciliation processes.

While leaving a global firm for a small business merchant cash advance lender gave Joe more freedom to build creative solutions, he also realized that his personal values didn’t line up with the predatory nature of the company he was working for. Parabilis was pleased to offer Joe the opportunity to turn his skills and values into service to small business government contractors. Joe now uses his analytical skills to solve complicated financial problems for Parabilis clients. 

“There’s nothing better in the world than having clean data to work with. Unfortunately, the world is never quite so kind as to cough up pristine and useful information at a moment’s notice,” says Joe. “That’s where I come in, and of course I’ll have my sleeves rolled up.

Be sure to connect with Joe on LinkedIn and shoot him a message to see how Parabilis can help you overcome financial challenges.




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