Aloha is compassion, love, light, harmony, peace and joy all rolled into one. Aloha is choosing love in every moment, showing up and being lovingly present no matter what it looks like on the inner or outer. ~Mark Ellman

I was proud and privileged to once again this year be invited to participate in the Native Hawaiian Organization Association’s (NHOA) small business summit. You know it is special to me when I travel halfway across the world to join in this beautiful community’s celebration of opportunities and collective collaboration of peers in both government and industry! Not to mention all of the great individuals present as well! 

I was awestruck by the palpable passion in the presentations by the many cultural and community leaders in attendance. The celebration of their homeland in their native tongue was inspiring and beautiful and it made the experience so much more special, which is why I continue to support and attend year after year!

At Parabilis, we are passionate in assisting communities that have access to opportunities but lack the resources to hit the ground running and create the ground swell to truly soar. Sharing our expertise and mission with the amazing members of the NHOA always provides our team with further inspiration to keep making efforts and strides in being a bridge over the barriers to entry for these and other federal contractors. Truly making a difference, sharing quality information, breaking bread, and building meaningful relationships makes the journey all the more valuable to us in the end.

The diverse offerings of services and products by Native Hawaiian business owners combined with mainland business leaders looking to collaborate on opportunities with Hawaiian businesses and professionals brings together a convergence of all things embodied in the message of Aloha. 

Special thank you to the board members of the NHOA, specifically Shannon Eide, who graciously extends the invitation to us every year! We are grateful and looking forward to partnering more with you and your constituency in the years to come! Mahalo!