In a recent podcast episode of “GovCon Secrets,” our Director of Business Development and Marketing, Teresa Moon was interviewed and asked about the factors that separate Parabilis from other lenders who service the federal marketplace. About 12 minutes into the discussion, banter turned to the unique, consultative approach that the Parabilis team provides to our client base and extended community. What makes our approach different is that we lead with our heart. It is a true partnership that we strive to develop within the spheres of influence that we inhabit. Our concept, though rare, is not what sets us apart. It’s rather our ethos and our mission, to provide resources to growing GovCons that support their growth—resources and services beyond the walls of Parabilis.

The Clients We Serve

As a lending resource, our bread and butter lies in providing growing government contractors access to flexible and affordable lines of credit. The majority of the clients we service have initiated the process with their bank and have one or more of the following issues:

  • The inability to obtain a line of credit
  • The inability to keep an existing line of credit
  • The inability to increase their existing line of credit

Alternative lenders seem more attractive than ever, in part because of the growing challenges of banking relationships due to restrictive requirements like financial covenants and increasing federal regulatory compliance. But not all lenders are the same, and not all alternative lending options can assist everyone across the board. The way we differentiate ourselves is by not forcing the matter but truly striving to advise you toward the best fit for your unique needs.

Parabilis’ Servant Mentality

In the event our services are not the best option available for a client, our team refers the business to a trusted partner in the industry that can assist. Because, at the end of the day, it’s our top priority to serve with your best interest at heart, and not our own.

Leading with a servant mentality is paramount to our success as a whole, and it is embodied in the actions of our leaders every day. As a veteran-owned and operated company, we were founded on the principle of truly providing service to our community. Our mission is grounded in a saying from our Chairman of the Board, Dr. Edward Bersoff, “We can all do well if we start by doing good.” Afterall, a true “service” provider is in business to be of service to the goals of another.

Our processes internally lean into knowing your business’ needs on every level and offering our services and our network to assist where you need it, when you need it. There is no limit. Let’s change the face of the industry and work together to build and achieve your dreams of success and beyond!